Tsar is a label under the company Tsar Enterprise. promising high-quality, exceptional designs and affordable luxe accessories for the well-travelled, au courant woman.

TV personality-producer turned designer Wan Sariah Wan Jaafar, founder of TSAR, took fashion into a new realm of exquisiteness by creating ethnic-inspired, mid to high end shoes and bags. Making bold and somewhat off-kilter statements with every bespoke collection piece, TSAR has shaken up the local fashion industry with its eye for unique palettes and prints. Exclusivity is maintained by manifesting each design in very limited quantities, giving our designer time to go through the creative process.

Our customers from across the globe love the appeal of being exclusive and clamour to pre-order even before a collection is launched! The designer continues to scour the globe in search of fabrics – helping communities by buying directly from the traders or villages. Her travels are inspiration to put a little bit of the globe in your wardrobe and to enhance the wearer’s personality. TSAR pieces are not just about bringing out your inner fashionista, it also makes you the talk of any occasion. Sariah believes fashion should be cruelty-free: TSAR has never used fur, snakeskin or reptile skin.

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